How we are different from GPOs

May 5, 2012, 12:23 p.m.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)s have been around for a while and it has seen success in area such as food service industry. However although the idea is simple and the benefits are clear, GPOs are not as prevalent as you might imagine. We believe this is due to three reasons – 1. It is hard to find people that are sourcing the same category at the same time in your industry or outside your industry 2. People don’t have the time to source these often lower spend less critical categories and 3. GPOs typically require on-going yearly fees to maintain membership. Spend Converge addresses all three issues. Using social media such as LinkedIn, you can identify companies that would be interested in sourcing the same category at the same time frame. Using Spend Converge’s low cost consulting services you are able to source these categories quickly as well. Spend Converge solves another issue that GPOs have. Companies are not limited to the categories offered by the GPO. Professionals are able to suggest any category and identify collaborators. It is Saving On Demand. To learn more go to or contact Edmund Lee at